Workshop: Seed-Mandalas

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Saturday, 03rd of October, 10-12 am

objekt klein a (Meschwitzstr. 9, 01099 Dresden)

Lisa Becker und Vanessa Ospina
Lisa Becker and Vanessa Ospina both studied the Msc program in Sustainable Tropical Forestry at TU Dresden. Lisa is now working as a project assistant at the environmental education centre „Johannishoehe e.V.“ in Tharandt. Vanessa works as a project development coordinator for the grassroots organisation „ProTerra“ in Colombia.

In this workshop we are not trying to achieve anything in particular. It is a creative space to explore the beauty and wonder of seeds and the role they play not only in forests. We will bring along and share a few stories about the topic.
We will invite the participants to choose from a collection of seeds and other things collected from forests and elsewhere. If they want, they can also bring along things they have collected themselves from forests or trees, anything that catches their attention or they find interesting.
In small groups, the participants are invited to create mandalas or other landart „paintings“. They are very welcome to share their story that connects them to the seeds and forest materials they choose.

Your relation to „forest“?
Forests and seeds are closely interlinked; every forest stems from a rich an diverse seedbank harbored in the soil beneath. Likewise the trees and other forest plants continually feed the soil with seeds and thus ensure the upcoming generations.
In this workshop we will marvel at the beauty and wonder of various seeds. Each seed holds memories not only in the form of genes. What stories do they tell us about their way to become giant trees or the plants at their feet – eventually forming the interconnected ecosystem „forest“? How does that relate to yourself? And the world around you, far and near?

Here you find all further information about the Political Art Days 2020 – Focus: Forest.


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