Galerie: Voices of the forest

Thursday, 01st of october to saturday, 03rd of october

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Proterra is a Colombian non-governmental organization (NGO) founded and made up of young people who share the vision and motivation of “taking action for our and future generations”. Proterra has focused on carrying out diverse socio-ecological projects to contribute to the national and local development of the 2030 Agenda (ODS) as well as to promote a relevant change in Colombia for the young people: peace culture towards an innovative ideologies called peace ecology.  Also, Proterra works as a live platform of knowledge transfer/sharing through and with diverse actors in a holistic way. Proterra has implemented a large number of initiatives, programs and projects in different regions of Colombia with the aim to contribute to conservation of the forest and natural resources, sustainable and inclusive territories, developing strategies to empower and bring together diverse actors and social leaders as well as national organizations and international Ngos. For several years Proterra have working with indigenous people in the Amazon region of Colombia, supporting them to fight for their rights and the conservation of their land. Some of the pictures are representation of this wonderful work.

Vanessa Ospina
I’m ecologist with a Msc in Tropical Forestry and management. Both my bachelor thesis as well as my Msc thesis, were related to the study of the indigenous people togheter with the use and management of the forest. The first one allowed me to get in contact and live together within an indigenous community for more than 6 months in Guainía (Colombia amazons) and the Msc thesis allowed me to live for 4 months within 2 indigenous (Kichwa) communities in Ecuador.
Currently I’m working as the deputy director of Proterra. I’m related with the forest issues due to me being a social-environmental activist that has been working together with diverse local organizations and social leaders in order to generate social-ecological projects to defend, protect, understand and rebuild social structures related with forest and environmental resources. During the last 2 years I have been coordinating 3 projects at local level that involve the reconnection of the people and local communities in a collective way within their territories, that includes forest. This work will be also projected in the pictures!

Photo gallery regarding forest use and management from indigenous and rural people in Colombia and Latino America. Each picture will have a photo narrative attached that will connect the people with the reality that is exposed in the picture.
„Voices from the Forest“ is a gallery that seeks to make the stories of the people and life in the forest visible through a photographic exhibition of the interesting work of Proterra NGO. The NGO will promote a gallery in which collective and individual pictures and narratives will be telling the stories about indigenous people and local communities in Colombia to show the visitors the diversity of life in the forest, as well as the diversity on processes of conservation that people in the rural regions of the country are carrying out. Through images and stories, they will share memories, experiences, feelings and thoughts of the people to think about the importance of caring for these natural ecosystems brimming with life and culture.

Here you find all further information about the Political Art Days 2020 – Focus: Forest.


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